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HashiJk Ultra
Ultra Rank - Sur · 2000 Points · Wed at 18:23
Shiny Conversion (legendary), EV/IV Training, Nature/Size Change (x2), Level Reduction / EV Reset (x2), Tutor Move · 3680 Points · Wed at 16:44
Killer_K9_34 Legendary
Nature/Size Change · 400 Points · Tue at 0:25
Shiny Conversion (normal) · 800 Points · Tue at 0:08
Killer_K9_34 Legendary
Legendary Donor - Adv · 12000 Points · Mon at 23:57
Vote for Rewards - Adventure
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We would like to announce the opening of our PokePoints shop!  PokePoints are the premium currency of PokeLair servers, and can be redeemed for items, Pokemon, or even ranks in our PokeLair Reward Shop.

Besides getting PokePoints from the PokePoints Shop, you can also earn PokePoints by:
  • Voting (3 points per vote, up to 30 points per day)
  • Top Voter of the Month (500 points)
  • Tournaments (TBA)
  • Special Events (TBA)
  • etc.

Make sure you link your Minecraft account with your Enjin account in order to earn PokePoints.  You can view your current point balance on the home page on the left side below your profile.

To celebrate the revamp of PokeLair Survival, and the upcoming opening of PokeLair Adventure, everything in the PokeLair Reward Shop is on sale!  And for a limited time only, PokePoints are on sale as well!  Don't miss this chance to take advantage of this DOUBLE SALE, stock up on PokePoints to support PokeLair, and redeem them at an even more discounted rate for ranks, Pokemon and items at the PokeLair Reward Shop.

Don't forget to redeem for the FREE Rare Candies in the Reward Shop!

We would like to announce the re-opening of PokeLair Survival!  The PokeLair Team has put in a lot of work, hope you all enjoy it!  A few things to note:

  • WonderTrade and IV/EV sidemods are installed
  • Land claim uses Grief Prevention as before
  • Player shop uses AShops as before.  Instructions are here: Survival Player Shops
  • Server shop can now be accessed by using /shop command in-game
  • Lucky vote rewards now have dratini and beldum for this month.

Please note that due to Pixelmon ID change, you MUST remove all held items from previous versions of Pixelmon from your Pokemon, or it will glitch.

We hope to get PokeLair Adventure up soon.

iiPerfection Ace when i try to join the server it says mod rejections [FMLMod:pixelmon{3.1.4}]
[Owner] dragneel88 a Map had to reset in order to go to 1.7.2. Please contact one of the senior staff members regarding lost items.
iiPerfection Ace did the map reset as in i lost my house and all my stuff?
Despite this post literally looking like a train wreck right from the start, to get ready for Pixelmon 3.1, we are going to need to do some changes.

Now, in general, the Pokelair servers will shut down for approximately a week. They will shut down exactly 6/20/2014 and will relaunch the week after OR the release of Pixelmon 3.1. There was talk of map revamps. As everyone knows the Pokelair Survival map will be reset, whereas the status of the Pokelair Adventure map is still up in the air. I would like to state, that this map has served us well, and we are working on obtaining a new map for 3.1. Basically, what I am trying to get at is we are trying to reboot Pokelair with a more professional feel to it. Forums, Server, Moderation, everything. Now as for staff, there will be a new staff style. We will have, Helpers, Moderators, Admins, OP and Owners. They are self explanatory, and staff wondering what this is about may ask me personally.

Notice: To apply for staff (excluding gym leaders) you must be at least a great donor. We feel this is a right move to prevent a lot of applications going through, as we'd like them to be serious in wanting to help Pokelair. As those who cannot afford it, they may contact me personally. This is simply being put in place because we would like people applying to be more serious in actually helping the server grow to its full potential.

Under all of this I'd like to extend my full apologies for not bringing this up earlier, but we had not come to the conclusion of when this would be possible, but now we have. During this time we will polish many of our weak points as a server, and try to perfect them as much as possible. We will interpret as much feedback as possible that seems doable, and what would be "best for business."

Now, I'd like to announce Pokelair's BIG BLOWOUT SALE!

We are going to hold a summer sale as soon as Pokelair relaunches, this sale will go one for 2 weeks! So be sure not to miss out!
Thanks for reading this long post, but I hope you understood it!
Please PM Debonair_Madman for more info!

[Owner] dragneel88 a The issues with Pixelmon 3.1 and 3.1.1 has definitely pushed us back (along with other servers). Pixelmon 3.1.2' also h ...
Nuhcatboy Ace
Nuhcatboy @ PokeLair Survival
"server will shut down for approximately a week" been like 3 weeks.
iiPerfection Ace Still not Up?
PokeLair Adventure 3.1.4
PokeLair Adventure
Status:   Online
Players:   0/200
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Online Players
PokeLair Survival 3.1.4
PokeLair Survival
Status:   Online
Players:   5/200
Region:   region
5 / 200
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PokeLair Creative 1.7.2
PokeLair Creative
Status:   Offline
Players:   0/160
Region:   region
0 / 200
Online Players
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